The International Multi- Talented Disc Jockey, Mc and Producer that is present in the music business today is DJ DX. The New Jersey native is one of the first Disc Jockey's to ever be featured on Comcast Cable, Channel 51. each and every week through out the whole entire state of New Jersey. Servicing up to 2.5 Million Residents in New Jersey. Also, DJ DX is the first African American DJ to ever Remix, Rap and Blend Reggaeton Music with out having any Spanish roots in his background. Today, DJ DX is Ranked amongst the Top Blend Mix-Tape Disc Jockey's in the whole universe, you can google his catalogs , "DJ DX" over 100 Million Google, Yahoo and Bing Results, tons of Classic and up to date Blend Mix-Tapes online. "DJ DX" comes from a long line of relatives who have set there mark in music history as well as being related to the the late great musician "Louis Armstrong", Multi Platinum Songstress/writer "Mary Brown" , Ike Lee and Chill Divine. To add to the contrary "DJ DX" is a star in the making so watch out. -